2 spooky gays that make stories about things that go bump in the night

Mermaid Ink Comics is the creative duo created by Nan Cran (the artist ) and Rosa Anderson (the writer) in 2010. Starting with various short stories and mini comics, usually falling into the queer-horror category, Children of Kronos became the first self-published series of graphic novels after launching the website childrenofkronos.com in 2016. We have since started selling merchandise, including single-issue , tote bags, prints, Rainbow Horror Short Stories issues, anthologies, and printed volumes of the Children of Kronos series. We continue to work long distance, adding more LGBTQA+  horror stories as mini comics, while continuing to write and illustrate the next volume in the Children of Kronos series. 

how we work

We work long distance and collaborate long distance via text, emails, but you can always catch us at some upcoming cons in Texas or Colorado.